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Rebel Adventure Tours

Rebel Adventure Tours Las Vegas

Overview: You will be amazed at the sheer naked beauty of the southwestern landscape while touring in a custom, one of a kind Deep Desert Exploration Vehicle. All tours are custom designed for customer enjoyment, comfort, safety and adventure.Their experienced guides are courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and expertly trained in all necessary safety procedures

Open 7 days a week, Reservations Required

Wild West Grand Canyon Adventure Tour:

Ride along the top of awesome Hoover Dam. Cross the mighty Colorado River. Enter a different state, different time zone, and a different world, all before lunch! This is only the beginning of our adventure in the Wild, Wild West.

Your Hummer will take you over a mountain range and into some of the most remote areas of the Coconono Plateau. You will travel through vast forests of bizarre Joshua Trees to the exotic realm of the Hualapai Indians, who make the Grand Canyon their home.

There will be plenty of time to explore the rim of the canyon and to learn why it is truly a wonder of the world. Lunch is served by your native American hosts in a sheltered, open space on the edge of the West rim of the Grand Canyon; some 3000 feet above the Colorado River. This journey is a close encounter of the most spectacular kind. A hands-on adventure you should not miss.

Tour Includes:
Numerous photo opportunities
Off road through Joshua Tree National Park
White Cliffs, Guana Point, and Thunderbird/Phoenix Point
Desert Southwest at it's best
Bottled Water, refreshments and lunch
Approximate Tour Time: 9 hours

Price: $209 per person

Custom ATV Adventure Tour:

Imagine yourself touring the scenic Mohave Desert on your own All Terrain Vehicle, following your guide through hills and valleys that can only be reached on an ATV. This custom tour will take you where no other tour can go.

We often see the native animals in the desert including snakes, lizards, burros, wild Spanish Mustangs, big horn sheep and cactus. On this tour, you will also see ancient Anastazi Indian petroglyphs and rock formations that can only be found in this part of the world.

This tour can be customized to meet your needs and can accommodate groups up to 80 people. With larger groups, activities are provided for the non-touring members such as volleyball, horseshoes, Frisbees and football. Two and three seated ATV's available for under age passengers.

Tour Includes:
Valley of Fire Tour
Indian Petroglyphs
numerous photo opportunities
Easy to operate ATV's
Bottled water, refreshments and lunch included
Hotel pick-up & return
Approximate Tour Time: 6 hours

Price: $189 per person

Black Canyon River Rafting Hummer Adventure Tour: This is a unique day trip floating on a motor assisted raft and concluding with the ride of your life on board a specially equipped Hummer, (D.D.E.V.) which will take you into places other just dream about.

Your tour begins with pickup at your hotel. You are then bused to Hacienda Hotel in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. After registration, you will be transported to the base of the world renounced majestic Hoover Dam, where your 11-mile scenic rafting adventures down the grand Colorado River begins. Then go into the monumental Black Canyon where you're likely to encounter Big Horn Sheep, Coyotes and numerous western animals. You will also see some of the more than two hundred native and migrating birds. Including Bald and Golden Eagles, Ospreys, Great Blue Herons, Bountiful Striped Bass and many freshwater fish. Your friendly and informative guide will explain the history of the area and early explorers navigated ancient ways the river as they arrived form Mexico looking for gold and other treasures. There are many photo opportunities along this tour, so be sure and bring your camera.

After arrival at Willow Beach, Arizona you will be returned to Hacienda Hotel where you will be picked up in your special equipped "Hummer", Deep Desert Exploration Vehicle. Experience the ride of your life as the Hummer powers through the rugged Frenchmen Mountains, arriving at the major fault line, at Lava Butte, featuring Lizard Eye Ridge. Next you are delivered back to your hotel

Tour Includes:
  • Bus Transit to Boulder City
  • Launch by base of Hoover Dam
  • See Indian Petroglyohs
  • Natural Hot Springs
  • Rainbow Gardens National Preserve
  • Numerous photo opportunities
  • Bottled water, refreshments and lunch included
  • Hotel pick-up & return
  • Fully air-conditioned vehicles
  • Approximate Tour Time: 8 hours

    Price: $259 per person

Custom ATV & Jetski Adventure Tour: The perfect Combo Package for having an exciting tour outdoors. You will be picked up and then you will be transported to Logan dale, NV, where you'll be enjoying the thrill of exploring the beautiful terrain on you own ATV. After your safety and operations orientation, you're ready to discover the beautiful scenery of the Valley of fire

Next you will be transported to the Overton Beach Marina for your adventure on Lade Mead. Lake Mead offers breathtaking views of sandy beaches and hidden coves all while on your personal watercraft.

What a breathtaking experience your day with Rebel Adventure Tours will be, experiencing the beauty of the Desert combined with exploring the coves along Lake Mead. The Marina quenches your appetite with Deli Fresh Sandwiches, a Marina Store with snakes, drinks, souvenirs and more.

Tour Includes:
  • Hoover Dam/Lake Mead
  • Off-Road portion of tour Logandale Trail Systems
  • Hetol pick-up & return
  • Fully air conditioned vehicles
  • Approximate Tour Time: 9 hours

    Jet Ski Requirements:
  • Must be 21 and over to rent jet ski
  • Must have a valid drivers license or passport
  • $250 Credit Card or $500 cash deposit required
  • 16 years or older, must have parent or guardian on board
  • 5 years old and above for passenger
  • Single rider OK, two riders maximum per jet ski

    Price: $349 + $10 Fees

Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine Adventure Tour: This awesome guided mining tour, above and below ground, takes you into the oldest and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada. This tour begins as you walk through the old Techatticup Mill site. This mill site is where the ore was brought out of the mine to the stamp mill, crushed into a powder and mixed in cyanide tanks where the gold and silver were then separated. Then it's off to the entrance of the old Savage Mine, where you can explore some 500 feet deep into the side of the mountain. Once inside, you will see views deep into the veins were early mines chased gold and silver.

The Savage Mine produced millions and millions of ounces of gold and silver during the great gold rush of the 1800's. There is a good chance that you may see burro descendents from the miners and/or native Big Horn Sheep. This tour has only recently been opened up to the general public and is a must see for all Old West history buffs and those who love awesome western scenery. Again, don't forget your camera!

Tour Includes:
  • Hoover Dam Included
  • Colorado River/Steamboat Landing
  • Ghost Town of Nelson
  • Home of Nevada's first Serial killer Queho
  • Seen in many Hollywood movies
  • bottled water and refreshments included
  • Hotel pick-up & return
  • Fully air-conditioned vehicles
  • Approximate tour time: 6.5 hours

    Prices: $139 with van, $199 with Hummer

Grand Canyon Bus Tour: Join us on the most popular tour from Las Vegas, to visit the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Travel in style, on our comfortable new Deluxe Touring Coaches with on board Restrooms, Large Custom Windows, Climate Controlled Air Conditioning, Reclining Seats, Individual Foot Rests and VCR Monitors for documentary movies.

Tour begins with a drive form Las Vegas to Hoover Dam. Cross the Hoover Dam to the Arizona side for a brief photo opportunity of the Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River. The tour continues to Fortification Hill (built to protect the dam during World War II). Travel through the habitat of the big horn sheep, Black Canyon. You will learn about the Pioneer Indian Wars, early Spanish Conquistadors, the Missionaries, Mountain Men, Explorers and Settlers.

The next stop is a rest and smoke stop in Kingman, Arizona. Pick up a snack, beverage, or a souvenir. From Kingman, travel to Williams, Arizona, home to the Grand Canyon Railway, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, in addition to having lunch, which is included

After lunch you will be taken inside the Grand Canyon National Park, stopping at the new state-of-the-art visitor center. See Mather Point (deepest part of canyon), Yavapai Point (widest part of canyon), and Bright Angel Point (the most panoramic.) Then you will have additional free time to browse Bright Angel Lodge. This is a hub of activities at the Grand Canyon Historic Village district area. You are a short walk to Hopi House, the Indian Art Museum and gift shop.

Returning to Las Vegas we will again make a stop in Kingman, Arizona before traveling o and across Hoover Dam on your return to Las Vegas.

Tour Includes:
  • Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Colorado river Grand Canyon national Park stops at Mather Point, Yavapai Point and Angel point Grand Canyon Railway
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Hotel pick-up and return
  • Approximate Tour Time: 12 hour

    Price: $149

Grand Celebration Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: Embark on an unforgettable, narrated flight from Las Vegas to one of our exclusive landing sites on the floor of the Grand Canyon in complete luxury. Step back in time as you descend 4,000 feet into the depths of the Grand Canyon itself. Touch down by the banks of the historic Colorado River in time to explore the pristine Native American Hualapai lands. Compliment your journey with a delighted champagne picnic meal served under an authentic Hualapai Indian shelter, called a "Ramada". Your tour also includes majestiv views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, extinct volcanoes, and as a grand finale, you will see the world-famous Las Vegas "Strip" from the air.

This tour is an Eagle eye view of the less-traveled, yet awe inspiring Grand Canyon...bring your camera! Soar effortlessly above & deep below the Rim of the Grand Canyon through its peaks and chasms. Choreographed to music and marrations, view the stunning highlights of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Black Mountains, Grapevine Mesa, the Bowl of Fire, abandoned silver mines and the Grand Wash Cliffs. You may even see the elusive and revered Big Horn Sheep. Your spectacular tour concludes with a flight over the Las Vegas "Strip"

Tour Includes:
  • Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Colorado River and Grand Canyon
  • Black Mountains, Grapevine Mesa, Valley of Fire and Las Vegas Strip
  • Champagne picnic meal
  • hotel pick-up & return
  • Exclusive landing on floor of Grand Canyon
  • Approximate Tour Time: 3.5 hours Air and Ground
    2.5 hours Air Only

    Prices: $329 Air and Ground Tour, $269 Air only Tour.
    both tours include an extra $20 in fees.

Horseback Adventure Tour:

Heading north, to a quiet and secluded canyon. You will ride along a breathtaking trail, along the ridge of a natural wash, possibly catching a glimpse of big horn sheep, along the mountain peaks. Riding through majestic Joshua trees and variety of cactus and yuccas, you feel that you have stepped back in time a 100 years. As your ride continues, you will have the chance to view the panoramic city across the valley floor, nestled between picturesque mountains. Breakfast Rides Once you reach Box Canyon your guide will prepare a delicious breakfast over an open campfire. Lunch will be served back at the ranch after your ride.

Begin with a relaxing ride around the mountain just before sunset, capturing the long shadows, dramatic colors of the desert and mountains. This 2-hour ride is the best way to experience the flavor of the Old West. As your horse takes you over the crest of the mountain ridge, you will take in the incredible glittering lights of the Las Vegas valley. Then back to the ranch beneath the stars, guided by serenading cries or coyotes, the light of the campfire and the aroma of your steak dinner awaiting you. Once dismounted, our friendly staff will serve up Dinner.

Tour Includes:
Hotel pick-up & return
Approximate Tour Time: 4.5 Hours

Price: Unlisted

Hummer Adventure Tours:

Welcome to the amazing world of Rebel Adventure tours. We offer unique touring experiences. Our specially equipped Hummer Deep Desert Exploration Vehicles (D.D.E.V.) will take you to places where other vehicles would be more than challenged. We take you to places with names that stir the imagination and inspire the spirit of discovery. Lizard Eye Ridge, Rainbow Gardens and Lava Butte are just a few names that are synonymous with this Hummer Adventure Tour.

All the driver/guides that head Rebel Adventure Tours are local experts; knowledgeable about the ways of the surrounding desert and are specially trained in the operation of the D.D.E.V.

The Hummer Adventure Tour will take you on a memorable journey into the deep desert where time stands still ant the eternal wind carves bizarre shapes from 2 billion year-old rocks and cliffs. When again you find civilization, you will come face to face with the awesome might of Hoover Dam and the pristine beauty of Lake Mead. This is a journey of shattering contrasts that will strip away your old concepts of Las Vegas and the desert that engulfs it.

This tour is at the heart of all Rebel Adventure Tours. It links up with jet skis, rafts and helicopters.

Tour Includes:
Hoover Dam
Lake Mead
Rainbow Gardens national Preserve
Lizard Eye Ridge
Lava Butte
Bottled water, refreshments and lunch uncluded
Hotel pick-up & return
Fully air conditioned vehicles
Approximate Tour Time: 6 Hours

Price: $179

Jet Ski Adventure Tour:

The Jet Ski Adventure is nothing but fun. This VIP tour provides the ultimate in comfort and safety from hotel to hotel. You will be transported down to beautiful Lake Mead. After a few minutes of instruction you will be issued your very own Personal Water Craft.

These top-of-the-line PWC’s are a blast to ride, offering a precise balance of power and control. You will skim across the crystal clear water of Lake Mead where the water temperature reaches 85 degrees in the summer.

Here, you will get a close up view of towering cliffs and hidden coves, and to top it off, our Jet Skis have dry compartments so you can bring along a camera. There are no special licenses or permits needed to ride.

Tour Includes:
Hoover Dam/Lake Mead
Bottled water, refreshments and lunch included
Hotel pick-up & return
Fully air conditioned vehicles
Approximate Tour Time: 6 hours

Jet Ski Requirements:
Must be 21 and over to rent jet ski
Must have a valid drivers license or passport
$250 Credit Card or $500 cash deposit required
16 years or older, must have parent or guardian on board
5 years old and above for passenger
Single rider OK, two riders maximum per jet ski

Price: $209 + 10 in fees

The Big One:

Hummers and Jet Skis a perfect combination! That’s one of the reasons why this tour is one of our most popular. The other is the price. You get two exciting tours for one low price. This tour begins with the famous Hummer adventure tour. Your custom designed Hummer will take you to remote places of amazement, active geological fault lines, abandoned quarries and 2 billion year-old rock formations.

Just when you’re starting to feel like Indiana Jones seeking the lost and fabled Lake Mean, there it is before you. It sits in the middle of the desert, defying logic and begging for exploration. Once at the marina, you will receive a mandatory instructional safety briefing and be issued a government required life jacket. Then you mount your own Personal Watercraft to explore the vastness of the largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere. Lake Mead’s water temperature reaches 85 degrees in the summer.

A quick spurt of your engine and the adventure continues as you explore towering cliffs and remote coves, searching for Desert Big Horn Sheep and other animals native to the surrounding area. There are no special licenses or permits needed to ride these watercrafts. Back on land, and dry again, your Hummer guide will whisk you back to the excitement and nonstop action of Las Vegas.

Tour Includes:
Hoover Dam/Lake Mead
Rainbow Gardens National Preserve
Lava Butte and Lizard Eye Ridge
Bottled water, refreshments and lunch included
Hotel pick-up & return
Fully air conditioned vehicles
Approximate Tour Time: 8 hours

Jet Ski Requirements:
Must be 21 and over to rent jet ski
Must have a valid drivers license or passport
$250 Credit Card or $500 cash deposit required
16 years or older, must have parent or guardian on board
5 years old and above for passenger
Single rider OK, two riders maximum per jet ski

Price: $259 + $10 Handling Fees

The Great Escape:

Rebel Adventure Tours and Papillion Grand Canyon Helicopters proudly join together to offer this exclusive millennium experience. A combination of air, land and water, this package is no doubt, the best tour available in Las Vegas.

Offered daily, year round, the tour includes visiting the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Lava Butte and Rainbow Gardens.

You will visit the Grand Canyon via Papillion Helicopters, where you will fly over land and water which you will later tour by Hummer and ride on your own PWC. This is an unforgettable tour that is only for the most adventurous soul. You will enjoy the most memorable meals you have ever imagined: a champagne breakfast on the floor of the Grand Canyon and a picnic lunch in the Mohave Desert. This is an 8 hour tour and provides numerous photo opportunities for all. No special licenses or permits needed to operate the watercrafts

Tour Includes:
Hoover Dam/Lake Mead
Rainbow Gardens National Preserve Off-Road portion of tour
Hotel pick-up & return
Fully air conditioned vehicles
Approximate Tour Time: 9 hours

Jet Ski Requirements:
Must be 21 and over to rent jet ski
Must have a valid drivers license or passport
$250 Credit Card or $500 cash deposit required
16 years or older, must have parent or guardian on board
5 years old and above for passenger
Single rider OK, two riders maximum per jet ski

Prices: $539 with jet ski, $479 without jetski
Both tours include an extra$10 fee

White Water Adventure Tour:

Experience the only one-day Grand Canyon white water rafting adventure available exclusively with Scenic Airlines and Rebel Adventure Tours. Start with a fabulous aerial sightseeing tour of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the west rim of the Canyon before landing at Peach Springs on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Travel through the Canyon by bus down to the edge of the Colorado River before boarding an eight-passenger raft with an experienced Indian rafting guide. Raft white water rapids and enjoy lunch on the banks of the Colorado River. Cruise through miles of water filled with scenic beauty, wild animals and towering cliffs. Finally, ascend 4000 feet form the canyon floor to the rim by helicopter and return to Las Vegas by airplane.

Tour Includes:
Hotel pick-up & return
Approximate Tour Time: 10-12 hours

Price: $588 + $25 Fees

White Water Rafting Grand Canyon:

We pick you up at your hotel and make our 1 st stop at Hoover Dam. After a few minutes of picture taking, we now head towards Kingman, Arizona, and world famous Route 66.

After driving on Route 66 we arrive at the American Indian Hualapai Lodge. At the lodge, you will fill out your rafting waivers and then be driven to the Colorado River, on the only road that goes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. At the river you will receive your life jacket, watertight camera box, and safety instructions.

Now it is time to board the raft and float 40 miles down the mighty Colorado. You will shoot rapids like Dragon Tooth stop at Travertine Canyon and hike to the Travertine waterfalls, with authentic Indian guides, plus the sheer walls of the Grand Canyon tower over you.

At the conclusion of your rafting adventure, be airlifted by helicopter from the Colorado River to the west rim of the Grand Canyon weather permitting. You will have a chance to see big horn sheep, wild burros, mustang horses, newly planted condors and many other fauna and flora. On your return, you will drive through Joshua tree National forest, which has the world's largest concentration of Joshua Trees, the Promised Land. many trips in this one tour.

Tour Includes:
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam/Lake Mead
Historic Route 66
Lunch Served by Hualapai Indians
Waterproof Shoes Recommended
Change of Clothing is Suggested
Rapids Class 3 to Class 6
Approximate Tour Time is 13 hours

Price: $489

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    Hummer West Rim Tour July 2010
    As a family of four travelling the west of America for a month we went on many tours. This was THE BEST. Richard or Uncle Rich as my teenagers got to call him was just amazing. With my son riding shotgun with him we picked up a lovely couple from New York.. Dave and Erica, great companions to trav ...
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