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Go Puck Helps Cell Phone Users and Much More

Go Puck
 By Pete Allman

Blake Fuller - Go PuckBlake Fuller, the CEO of Go Puck, is the 2013 Formula 1 champion. He, as a professional driver always had to deal with dead batteries in his cell and action camera, along with his other portable electronics. During his attendance of The 24 Hour Lemans and Indy 500 in 2011, after having another experience with a dead battery from his cell phone, created Go Puck. His experience in dealing with dead batteries, was definitely what is called "Connection Anxiety" according to Anil Paryani, the CTO,(Chief Technical Officer) of Go Puck. Go Puck will charge your cell phone for 5 times before re charging. Go Puck, uses the same type technology that is used in the Honda Testa electronic car.

Go PuckJasson Diel the National Trade Show Manager Manager and Deigo Velasquez, the Community Manager for Go Puck states, 'We live in a time where we have "Connection Anxiety". Regardless weather it's racing, biking, boating, or wherever you need power, Go Puck will charge two devices at once. The bottom line for Go Puck, is to provide products that provide freedom from the need to stop having fun, learning, capturing or connecting because of a dead battery. The company believes that anything they build should be lighter, stronger, and faster charging than anything on the market today. After 10 years of building batteries for Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar specifically designed for the race of life, the public can now enjoy the benefits.For more information visit

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