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Authentic Cuban Cuisine At Rincon Criollo Is Like Being In Cuba

By Pete Allman

Authentic Cuban Cuisine At Rincon CriolloThe country of Cuba is not too far from Miami. It however isn't that easy to fly to for Americans. We legally are not allowed to travel to Havana or any part of Cuba. That however hasn't stopped the thousands of Cubans who have migrated to the United States over the years. One such individual is Ana Yanez, who left Havana in 1956 to visit her older brother in Las Vegas. Ana's story is a successful one, as she was employed by the Tropicana Hotel for some 23 years, working as a maid and later at their pantry. "I remember those days well. We were making $11.00 a day, plus tips. I had a plan and stuck to my guns, later opening my own restaurant." She stated.

Authentic Cuban Cuisine At Rincon CriolloAuthentic Cuban Cuisine At Rincon CriolloCuban food is a fusion native Taino food, with Spanish, African and Caribbeon distinct flavors. It is with great conquest that Ana brought her heritage to Las Vegas, as many Cubans did.

Ms Yanez opened Rincon Crioolo Cuban Restaurant in 1990. She's catered to the likes of Paul Rodriquez, Wayne Newton, Roberto Duran and many others. I enjoy the spices used in Cuban food and a chance to sit down with Ana and discover the sumptuous taste of some of the dishes she serves. This cozy eatery has two huge pictures of Havana, Cuba and a beach setting of Varadero, a beach town located seventy miles from Havana.

Authentic Cuban Cuisine At Rincon CriolloAuthentic Cuban Cuisine At Rincon CriolloMy culinary journey started with an Avocado salad, which consist of ripe Avocados and onions with lime. Mercedes, our waitress then served a bowl of Black Bean soup, which is made fresh daily. Olive oil, vinegar, garlic,onions, cilantro, bay leaf and cumin makes for a delicious soup. The main entrée served was USDA Top Sirloin Steak with smothered onions and another entrée of a Pork Chop. This is served with lime and the garlic is fried in soy oil.

There are plenty of items to choose from on this menu. Referring to the Seafood dishes commonly called Mariscos 4 Pescados, there's Encilado De Camarones, (Jumbo Shrimp), Rueda De Serruchio Frita, (Sword Fish), Bacalao A La Vizcaina, (Cod Fish cooked in a red sauce), and Camaron Al Ajillo, (Shrimp with garlic or breaded shrimp) For those who are on the go there's an array of sandwiches ranging from $5.50 - $7.00.

Every day of the week except on Monday, there's specials for a mere $9.50. That in itself is a rewarding evening for the family. In ending our culinary journey, there's always room for desert and some Cuban coffee. The flan, which I love is rich and so delightful. It's made fresh by Mercedes. The coffee is made from Colombian beans with a touch of sugar, It certainly is a nice way to end the evening of dining.

Rincon Criollo is opened from 11:00 am - 9:30 pm Tuesday - Sunday. They're located at 1145 Las Vegas Boulevard South on the east side of the street. To order catering for an event, anniversary or corporate function call (702) 388-1906.

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