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The Chris Selletti Story

By Pete Allman

Chris SellettiChris SellettiChris Selletti is one of those talented individuals who exuded talent when he came out of his Mother's womb. Born in Brooklyn were both his parents were professional Ballroom dancers, Chris learned all styles of dancing. He lived it and breathed it, to keep himself busy and stay out of trouble. "When I was 12 I was one of the top dancers for my age," he states. But young Chris also had an inherit gift of writing lyrics and music. "It flows through you" and with Chris, It did so effortlessly, creating 120 words on the spot. He stockpiled his writings, and continued to dance, and eventually was asked to dance on Broadway. It was short lived, because he was not about to wear tights to perform in. Later, young Chris studied Marshal Arts for some 20 years and would incorporate his martial arts into his dance routine. Anything the kid did, he had to be the best.

It paid off when he was asked by Sly Stone and The Family to become a bodyguard for the mega star, eventually becoming a studio engineer, when Sly fired the one he had. At that time Chris Selletti was a investigator responsible for removing drug pushers out of the apartments in New York before the government would seize the buildings. Even at that, Chris was creative, making the bad boys of New York believe he was their guardian angel protecting them, by having them move before the DEA would arrest them. That was how he was discovered by Sly Stone during that period of his life.

As life would have it, Sly involved Chris Selletti in all phases of his business. Chris was in studio when Good Times was written, with Sly singing with Maurice White in 2001 on a compilation song.

Jerry Goldstein learned how gifted Selletti was, when Sly introduced him in the Hampton's mansion where they were living at the time. While they were in the studio at The Art Factory with Maurice White and Sly, Mariah Carey, was also in the next studio. In the court records it shows that Carey stole Whites song, "Emotions and Best of My Love". They settled out of court. Carey since then has been sued 11 times. Unfortunately for Selletti she stole his song, Hero, which won her a Grammy. During the malpractice suit, Judge Elliot granted Chris Selletti the right to open his envelope, which is known as a poor man's copyright. The judge examined the envelope in front of the jury and analyzed it, allowing it to be fact and allowed the jury to see the envelope.

It was obvious that it became exhibited evidence, but the judge never allowed the jury to effectively understand weather Chris Selletti wrote the song that was presented to him. He basically stone walled the jury into getting them to dismiss the case by finding that the attorney didn't commit malpractice or malfaces which never allowed the court to rule. In fact, Chris Selletti was told by the judge, that he would be held in contempt of court, as Selletti was explaining what happen between Maria Carey, her attorney and him. After two weeks and a tired jury, the judge allowed them to go home.

Hero, has made a gross profit of 140 million dollars and Chris Selletti never got his just day in court. Today Selletti is producing television commercials and some music videos with major music stars. He was responsible for finding a 3 girl group for J Records, but unfortunately met the wrong partner who left his wife and kids and took off with a million dollars of investors' money.

Chris Selletti has never let his miss fortunes affect him in a negative way. He is the type of individual who believes in ethics and fair business who fought 14 years in court, and says he got a law degree in copyright infringement out of that experience. Now after his experience in court, John "Sonny" Franzese, Sr., the oldest MOB under-boss alive today and family, have asked Selletti to write a script and movie about his life. Every Hollywood producer is interested in producing this film. After all, John "Sonny" Francise Sr. hobnobbed with Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, and a host of some of the most prominent political figures of today. This film after all Selletti's unfortunate experiences in the judicial system, will get his day with a blockbuster film, "Framed." In closing, Selletti states, "Always check out the people you do business with and never let your guard down in business. That will allow you to most probably succeed."

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