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The Fairmont's Fig Restaurant Brings Forth Unique Flavors

By Pete Allman

The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and BungalowsThe Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows has been one of the most popular tourist and locals retreats to stay and dine in Southern California. They're voted one of the top 25 hotels in Southern California by Conde Nest Traveler. For the past 93 years, dignitaries, celebrities and various corporate functions have found their facilities most convenient. "The hotel, I found to have the most beautiful view overlooking the bluffs of Santa Monica Beach," states Alex Ayzin of Frontier Business Brokers. This reporter has also found the property most inviting over the years. In fact, I've stayed there and enjoyed the restaurant, taking note of actors such as Mark Dacasco's, Sy Richardson and Tom Hallick dining there.

Fig RestaurantThe Fig Restaurant, a relatively new restaurant at The Fairmont, which received its name from the Fig Tree, located at the entrance of the hotel, is one of the focal points of the property. On a recent visit to The Fig, I enjoyed breakfast with Jacqueline Kerns, the public relations manage.

The ambiance and company was most appreciated, not to mention Chef Ray Garcia's unique menu. Frankly speaking, the cuisine at The Fig is organic and they work directly with local farmers such as the McGarth and Weise Family.

Jacqeuline suggested I partake in Chef Garcias Hazelnut Waffle, prepared with Nutella, Frangelico and Banana compote and the Chilaquiles, which consists of tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, chicken, salsa raja with quessa fresco. The Hazelnut Waffles were delightful and the Chilaquiles had just the right amount of spice mixed in with all the ingredients just mentioned.

Other items on the breakfast menu I would recommend, are the House Made Granola with Greek yogurt and Strawberries and the Steel-cut Oatmeal. Accompaniments you may want to add to your breakfast experience which are available include, Apple-wood Smoked Bacon, Turkey Bacon, Rosemary Ham, Grilled Asparagus and Pork Chicken Apple Sausage

"Flavor is the most important component to any dish," stated Chef Garcia. When asked about how he chose his profession he added, "Food chose me, I didn't choose it, it happened. The taste, sounds and smells all kept drawing me back in." It's understandable on his point of view, as he grows his own herbs and peppers in the Fig Tree garden. It's no wonder that Chef Garcia is endorsed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a nonprofit organization that audits restaurants. Chef Garcia started cooking at an early age in helping prepare festive dinners for his family. Today he's earned such notable awards as "Rising Star Award in Sustainability category by, as well as earning a spot on "Angelino's Best of L.A ." Everything concerning hospitality and cuisine is of the highest standards at this landmark. Even the Fig Tree's water filtering system and their recycling of composts, including their oil transformed into hand soap is carefully supervised.

The company's philosophy certainly makes The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows a lovely place for its team members to provide patrons an unforgettable experience in hospitality and dining adventures. To make reservations or simply dine at the Fig or visit their lobby lounge call [310] 567-7777. Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars to Fig Restaurant for quality of cuisine and ambiance.

Celebrity Scene News

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