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bachannal_2_450By Pete Allman


     After spending 17 million dollars on state of the art equipment and contracting Super Potato of Tokyo to design Caesars 25,000 square foot buffet, Bacchanal Buffet has achieved record breaking numbers of tourist who want to experience a par excellent in a buffet.We can start with 500 food items. Executive Chef Scott Green said there is nothing that isn't fresh cooked in this Buffet.By the looks of things, he and his staff have done an exceptional job.

    Gabrielle Perez the General Manager and Denise, the host who greeted us, took Tony Wilson and myself on a tour which has three different dining areas. The front room I call the Crystal glass dining area, which has glass sections throughout, including the light fixtures, which appear to be cocktail glasses over the lights themselves.For more of an earthy feel there's the wood room, consisting of wood interior. There's also the metal room, which is redefined steel through out the dining area.bachannal_4_550

   With nine cooking stations, the seafood is located at the entrance, with fresh oysters crab legs and all the goodies that go along with seafood.Among the others, Asian, Mexican and Italian are the most popular.What's more important though, is the live stations preparing everything fresh, with no food left to get old. My favorites were the Asian live station with Me-so soup and sweet and sour soup and an array of unique salads and sushi. It's all there for as much as you want.There are some other outstanding items which where very impressive, they included red velvet pancakes, carrot and watermelon juice,and some wonderful vegetable dishes such as sweet potato puree,duck that wasn't greasy,jumbo shrimp and a variety of deserts, one which was new for me and that was the chocolate creme bu-lee. Tony Wilson on the other hand, is a big meat eater and enjoyed the hand made tortillas and the filet mignon, along with his sushi.Even the biggest people with appetites could not begin to handle all the items in this buffet.So if you're so inclined to eat to your hearts content, be sure to bring the kids too. Children 2 and under eat free.Bacchanal buffet is open bachannal_8_500from 7am-10pm. Breakfast prices are $21.99, lunch is $28.99 and dinner is $44.99 on weekdays and $44.99 on weekends, with unlimited draft wine and beer for $15.99.Celebrity Scene rates this buffet experience a four star.Tell them Pete Allman sent ya.