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Celebrity Scene News by Pete Allman

Leon Benzer
Las Vegas is without question, a city that has it's share of entrepreneurs. Seldom do we find those individuals with extreme compassion in helping children with Autism. Autism is a developmental disability that results from a disorder of the human central nervous system. Leon Benzer, who is one of those rare individuals, continually strives to help the less fortunate. Leon however has another side to him as a business person. He is the owner of Silver Lining Construction, a company which develops and builds properties. He also is the majority owner of the Courthouse Cafe. Just as important as Leon's virtues, is his talents as a gifted writer and visionary. Together with his music he is not only creating a foundation for kids with Autism, but he has also created Benzila.

Benzila is a tequila which comes from the Agave Plant. Benzila Tequila is a premium tequila manufactured at Benzer's farm in Baja, Mexico. There is nothing which compares to the quality of this product, starting with the design of the bottle. Ah, but here is the surprise. We know that Benzila is grown on Benzer's 1,400 acre farm. What if this farm were to be developed into a resort named Benzila? When I asked Benzer if that was what he had in mind, he wouldn't comment. He did have a twinkle in his eye, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that is what happens. After all, tequila is Mexico's #1 product and it makes good sense for all this to come to fruition. A world class resort could also bring about more economy for Mexico as well as provide concerts and other business opportunities. With all this in progress what other surprises are in store for the public, one might ask?

Well, there is the creative writing of Leon Benzer's music and his associate Tiger Roberts who was formerly Gladys Knight's Grammy Award Winning Producer in 2002 for the song "At Last". Mr. Roberts also produced "This Is Our Time" the theme song for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. So Mr.Benzer knows where of as he speaks. Incidentally Roberts has worked with Marcus Houston, Pink, En Vogue, Omarianna, and Tamar Braxton to name a few. It's this combination of Benzer's writing and Robert's music that will not only promote Benzila, but provide positive music to the masses. In fact, Leon's songs "My Brown Eyed Girl" and "Puppet Master" which will be released on an upcoming album has already got the attention of noted music personalities to sing his songs. After contemplating his creation of Benzila and his music Benzer is organizing the Benzila Concert Tours which will have celebrities such as Shug Knight in attendence.

In conclusion to this story, Leon Benzer has his own private banquet facility located west of Arville not to far from the Palms Condominiums. Benzer will celebrate by kicking off private VIP exclusive parties promoting Benzila products. He also has his sights set for an international market which makes his facility quite private. Benzer's banquet facility is set up in a Miami Beach VIP setting which attracts the Jet Set of Miami. "We want to give everyone that star personal treatment."states Benzer. During the daytime, to make full use of his banquet facilities, Benzer's will cater to families who celebrate Quinceaneras. While most clubs cater to a younger clientele Benzer's attracts more mature individuals who spend and celebrate in style. "If you get into my place,you're the cream of the crop. We treat everybody like a celebrity," concludes Leon Benzer.