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by Pete Allman

How much energy and surprise could Hugh Hefner enjoy at age 80? Plenty, especially receiving his own star in Las Vegas at the hip Palm's Hotel and Casino, Hugh Hefner said its one of the highlights of his career, but what's even more surprising is his new Playboy Club on the 52rd floor of the Palms Tower.
The Playboy club is of such magnitude with it view and playboy dealers at the tables that it's the talk of Hollywood. On the other hand it cost $40 to take the elevator ride up to gamble in Hugh's casino and $20 on the weekdays.
The question is will folks keep paying those proceeds to gamble?
On top of the Playboy club, on the 53rd floor is the Moon Club which is owned and operated by the Ninegroup which began its inception in Chicago by Scot DeGraph and Michael Mortin who incidentally met when they were 9 years old. This club opens to the sky with a retraceable roof and laser light show, and allows patrons to dance a! top the booth around the dance floor which is made especially for those who are daring enough to execute the style of dance. The unique ultra club should continue to a better popular point, since it has an incredible view of the strip and a spectacular retraceable roof.