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Pete Allman James Brown


    James Brown - Remembering A True Friend Indeed

by Pete Allman

James Brown, certainly the most influential man to break the barriers of racial discrimination through
his music, was more than just an icon of music. He was a friend to many people from all walks of life, especially this reporter. Ever since I was a kid I listened to the deep rooted rhythms of James Brown's music and his Famous Flames. Never in a million years did I think he would come into my life as a big brother, yet he did. I met Mr. Brown just after he was released from prison when he performed in concert at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. We bonded immediately because of our beliefs in humanity. Thats the way he should be remembered... A man who believed in God, who influenced me to read the Bible, but also believed in a camaraderie for all peoples to get along.

When he released "Killin' is Out - School is In", with Bobby Byrd, he spoke to me at that time. I had had my own show on the WB, Mr. Brown would explain, "Take your gun out of your pants, turn your cap around and try romance." What the majority of people may not realize is his kindness. He believed in helping young people. In fact, he started one of the first computer programs in the school system in Augusta, GA., which went nationwide. Mr. Brown was influential in the civil rights movement in the '60's and '70's. Even when I met him, in 1990, he was traveling to Africa working on peace through his music. James Brown was universal in music and his concept of the human race.

He was the first to pick up the phone and put me on his radio station 94.7 - The Boss in Augusta.
Then we would share numerous broadcasts at the drop of a penny .... Never a dull moment.
Mr. Brown not only helped jump start my career on radio, but he always motivated me, even in his most difficult moments with situations in his personal life. If everyone would grasp a true brother relationship, then just imagine having the Godfather of Soul treating you that way.

James Brown often had Christmas parties in Augusta at the Sheridan Hotel and he would fly me there.
It was a wonderful time, especially meeting group members such as Bill Pinckney, the original Drifters and the Dramatics. James Brown had over a hundred hits records and all the accolades including President Bush honoring him at the Kennedy Center Award Presentation.
The world should remember him for great music, making you feel good...
but also his passion for creating harmony in the universe.
Thats the only way I remember him. A man who believed in me and got me to read the Bible.