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by Pete Allman

When Janet Jackson was in Las Vegas recently at her record release party at TAO's in the Venetian she gave her heart to the media."Twenty years Yo" as it is appropriately entitled was inspired from Janet's life experiences which included Las Vegas."It's my life experiences, Jermaine, Jimmy and Terry as well helped producing and writing the producing album. "I started here, it's my home and beyond that I was on stage here at 7, and I have relatives here." She continues, Las Vegas is also a place where you don't get any sleep. I mean I don't wanna sleep. Referring to Janet's CD release-it goes back to her r&b roots.

What makes this cd special is it goes back to her r&b roots and she's getting back to her dancing. Janet Jackson will continue her love for music as well as her love for Jermaine Dupree, who was with her that evening.
As to when or if they will marry is up in the air.
Neither will say...