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New Creation – A Family Affair

By: Pete Allman


Recently, CSN (Celebrity Scene News) interviewed a number of families about where they felt comfortable worshiping. The majority of them, eluded to a non-structured religion, where they felt most comfortable without being judged. Many families were unsure about how to accept a church congregation where people speak in tongues and fall out upon the floor. In fact, most of the families said, they would like to learn more about the messages of the Bible. As a matter of fact, many church congregations have diminished in their membership, do to not enough teaching of the Bible and lack of Fellowship. There is no question, that the churches that are the most successful are those that put God first and has a strong Fellowship program for their members.


New Creation Outreach Ministries – A new Christian church in the north-west area of Las Vegas, located in the Iron Mountain community holds its services in the Shadow Ridge High School. Pastor Durand Simpson and his First Lady Sharon along with Minister Stan Harvey and Marvin Hennington – Chief of Finance is the core of New Creation.  New Creation is a multi-cultural fellowship where all races unite in the bond of Christian love; to grow, worship, nurture, serve one another and connect are community culture and our world to Jesus Christ. It is done so without judgment and much love; as if you were visiting your relatives. New Creations goal is to be a celebration of all colors and cultures loving the Christian life “really” and worshipping God together. There are some wonderful churches in the Las Vegas community and New Creation is certainly one of those. Guests are greeted in a warm, friendly way which makes them one of the more popular churches to attend. Although, there is a cross-section of people from various income levels and different cultures, it is most assuredly a time where they all come together as one family in the spirit of praising and learning the Gospel. It’s not about celebrities and politicians or who can where there Sunday Best. New Creation is simply “A Family Affair”, where there is a refreshing approach in learning the Bible and feeling the spirit at work. For more information come see the service on Sundays at 10:45am to 12:00pm at Shadow Ridge High School 5050 Brent Lane or call (702) 639-1239.