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Celebrity Scene News by Pete Allman

More Problems with the Neonopolis
The open-air Neonopolis, a 200,000-square-foot entertainment complex in the heart of downtown Vegas has perhaps seen it's day. In talking with the owner Rohit Joshi it was disclosed that he may perhaps sell the property in 2 years. The problem now is that there are no long term leases for a business owner to sign. So Mr.Joshi by not allowing this has an empty complex. After all, what business is gonna sign a month to month contract. In speaking with Jeff Corvin, the sales manager for Jillian's, he states their business is doing well.There is also the Crown 14 Theaters which seems to be doing well especially with the free parking which rumors have it that the city is picking up. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Mr.Joshi needs to have little compassion and at least let individuals sign a two year lease. Otherwise, maybe a nightclub complex is not out of the question.

Film Students Get Exposed

When I spoke with Robin Greenspun, who heads up Cinevegas, about it's Film Festival and if they would want to compete with Canne Film Festival she said their focus was to promote young film producers and directors. Jeremy Settles, one young producer who got exposure from the festival said he got very good networking experience for him. Cinevegas certainly kicked off a big bang this year with the showing of Oceans 13 with the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. From a prospective of promoting Las Vegas as a city with film production, it certainly did that. There were over 120 media outlets at the Oceans 13 premiere. In Downtown Las Vegas the Fitzgerald's has added to that with the showing of African-American Films each year during their anniversary. Ricky Towers owner of GGA, an event planning company, expressed interest in promoting black films at the Neonopolis. According to Towers this would be a great way to promote Downtown Las Vegas in more than one way.

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Shines
Recently the Golden Nugget had The Grand Movie Premiere with Ray Romano, Jason Alexander, and a host of other celebrities. At the after party I spoke with Jay Fertitta, brother of Tillman Fertitta who is the owner of the Golden Nugget. According to Jay sometime next year there will be a new hotel tower and a nightclub. The Fertittas are doing their share to improve business in downtown Las Vegas. For those of you who haven't had a chance to tour the property your in for a big surprise. It is without question a first class property. Until then, keep your visions positive and keep positive people around you. Have a blessed day.