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    Rocky Balboa Enhances the Spirit of America

By: Pete Allman

In a time and age, where there are few family movies; but lots of action movies. You can bet a Rocky Balboa movie enhances the spirit of America. That’s not to say that action movies are bad to watch, though there is nothing like watching a movie that lifts the spirit of the soul and gives us the motivation to thank God for another day. In talking to Sylvester Stallone, he pointed out that respect and having someone that cares for you; makes all the difference in moving forward in life. That’s exactly what the movie Rocky Balboa does, it shows that no matter what you do in life; win or lose, you give it your best shot.

The world light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver “Magic Man”, the co-star of the movie, who was portrayed as the champ; said when they were making the movie, Stallone stated, “You’re going to earn your money for this one”. Stallone was right, they both took there punches and gave there punches; just like in a real fight. The only difference was when Stallone called “cut” between the rounds. Perhaps the most important concept of the movie is after the fight; even though Rocky Balboa lost the fight on a decision, he stood his ground, to the very end. He was able to let go of the passing of his wife Adrian and he could now move on with his life, perhaps marry the girl he rekindled his friendship with and be at peace with himself.

One particular interesting point in this film is that each and every person that saw the film; whether it was a celebrity or a fan; all could identify, with how to pull your boot straps up and move forward to accomplish your dreams. In fact, the majority of boxing champions and actors, such as Gerry Cooney - Former #1 heavyweight contender, Tim Witherspoon – former two time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Ken Norton – former World Boxing Council heavyweight champion, Thomas Hit Man Hearns - 7-time world champion., Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini – 3 time lightweight champion, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad - the former WBA Light Heavyweight Champion, Floyd Mayweather, Jr – four time world champion in four weight classes; who will fight Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, Aaron Pryor – former boxing champ, Mike McCallum - three time world champion, and Frank Stallone, all agreed that respect is certainly, a part of good character in life; but that the ultimate reason fore there success, was there faith in God.

David Hasselhoff - listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Most Watched TV Star in the World", who was also at the premier at the Brendan Theater at the Palms and then later at the red carpet event at the Aladdin, stated “I thought this was an excellent movie and Sylvester Stallone is an excellent director/writer. There is no doubt, that this film will do great at the box office”. Hasselhoff, stated, “I look forward to returning to Las Vegas, where I will star in the musical production of Mel Brooks the “Producer””. He concluded, “I’m honored, that I am able to be in Mel’s production, he’s a genius in the business”.

During the end of the premier, I caught up with Johnny Brendan (owner of Brendan Theaters) and boxing champ Kevin Kelley. I told Johnny I asked Stallone why he selected his theater for his premier. Johnny asked me what he said. I told him, Sly said, “The Theater was a great place for the premier and that he also thought Johnny was a great guy”. Stallone received a star from Brendan at the CineVegas Film Festival last year. Kevin Kelley, who has been doing a lot of commentating, said he is looking at getting part of the glory; by going into the acting business. Until then, keep your visions positive.

Gerry Cooney
Thomas Hearns
David Hasselhoff
Ken Norton