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Ronnie Banerjee - Description: Ronnie Banerjee - A Film Producer Living His DreamsRonnie Banerjee - A Film Producer Living His Dreams

By Pete Allman

It is certainly a rare thing in todays society to find a man who loves his work and is driven so immensely by his passions. Such is the case with Ronnie Banerjee, an up and coming movie producer, who for the past year and a half  accumulated a few exciting independent titles under his belt. Speaking to him in Las Vegas, he states, "I'm a huge film buff and to be working with certain people that I grew up watching in the movies is totally out of this world." He smilingly continued by quoting a line from one of his favorite films from the mid-90's, Michael Mann's Heat, "you know for me, the action is the juice."

Damian Chapa and Ronnie Banerjee in Night Bird - Description: Damian Chapa and Ronnie Banerjee in Night BirdThe list of people he has collaborated with is impressive, and would be any cinephile's dream. Banerjee has worked on such features as Damian Chapa's Night Bird and the controversial DSK Unauthorized and is currently producing the Rich Rossi film Saving Little Italy which includes actors that have appeared in such definitive cult classics as Casino, Donnie Brasco, Blood In, Blood Out and Scarface. He was also one of the producers on a short film entitled In Transit which qualified at the 2013 Academy Awards and became eligible for an Oscar nomination consideration. "We didn't make the shortlist of 11,but to have qualified is a feat we're extremely proud of. Sunil Sadarangani and the rest of our team are presently working to create a feature based on the success of the short."


Ronnie's passions started evilving  since his chilhood. He has been trotting around the globe and to date has traveled to over 56 countries. "My parents from a very young age showed me the world and I have since been immersed in the wanderlust; I am eternally grateful to them. I plan to bestow the same opportunities and education to my son Vittorio during his lifetime, with hopes that he will explore and discover even more than his old man as the years progress. That is what travel ultimately is - the greatest form of education."

With a few cinema projects currently on the horizon, I asked Ronnie if he had any words of encouragement for other young ambitious people like himself. He gave the following advice to anyone out there who wishes to work within the realm of something they love, "Follow your dreams. That may sound cliché, but it's the truth. And take lots of pictures to mark moments on your journey!"

I found this to be a very inspiring story and hope that it will encourage others to follow their dreams. One may also follow highlights of Ronnie Banerjee's burgeoning career at