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The Asian Playboy Coaches All Cultures

By Pete Allman

During L.A. Fashion Week, Club Confidential had celebrities and fashion designers walk the red carpet. Included in the red carpet walk was J. T. Tran, known as ''The Asian Playboy''

J. T. as he likes to be called, was born in Texas and was one of those young men who discovered that he didn't have to conform to the rumors about Asian men being too short and too stubby. As a result, he attended Mysteries Boot-camps, where he then learned to develop his own methods of attraction, concentrating on developing his own holistic approach to the art of seduction.. Today, J. T. Tran is the founder and CEO of ABC's of Attraction, a place that teaches men pickup skills and the art of seduction.It is however much more then teaching men how to pick up a women.

As the lead instructor, J. T. concentrates on teaching his students confidence and builds up their self esteem. ''Your words, thoughts and confidence make a all the difference in communicating with ladies of all statures.'', states J. T. First and foremost, his teaching starts with attitude in what you're thinking. Next is the attraction before you speak to the person you're attracted to. Finally, there's the approach and what pick up line you use, which can lead into a uplifting conversation and a comical one at that. The fact is, that many Asian men don;t believe in themselves as handsome men. It is therefore an internal problem that they have to overcome, through understanding that they don't have to be tall and handsome, but rather look to themselves as having confidence, good conversation and a personality that brings interest to the other party they're talking to. There's also a recharging of a a mans look and dress.

A reinventing yourself to start fresh on your new outlook in the law of attraction and seduction, J. T. Tran has been interviewed and written for L. A. Weekly, Beller Magazine and was named Worlds Greatest Pickup Artist in 2007 by Global Seduction Summit in Hollywood. He also has spoken at The University of Chicago, at The Wardon School of Business , The University of Pennsylvania, and has appeared on various television shows, including ABC's Night line with Juju Chang.

His advice particular to Asian men for dating is to stop exposing yourself to negativity, which includes stopping putting down other people and bickering and look to everyone as a positive force. For more information visit or call toll free at (888) 689-4263.