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Findlay Automotive donates $7,000 to Stop DUI Nevada - February 9th, 2018


Stop DUI Nevada was founded by Sandy Heverly after several members of her family were the victims of a drunken driver. The victims of the horrific crash included Heverly’s mother, husband and four children who were all very seriously injured in the collision in Las Vegas in the early 1980s. The crash ultimately led to the untimely death of her mother.

The offender in the accident was underage, had two prior DUIs, had a suspended license and was speeding, ran a stop sign and left the scene of the collision. He received a $100 fine for his crimes after leaving the scene of a crash.

“Every day you hear of lives lost in car wrecks in Southern Nevada,” said Findlay Automotive Group CFO Tyler Corder. “Stop DUI focuses solely on trying to save lives by eliminating impaired driving, which is the cause of so many of these fatalities. We’re proud to support Stop DUI.”

Now the executive director and co-founder of Stop DUI, Heverly has led the charge to halt DUI-related crashes. She tells first-hand the devastation of DUI victims and created the first DUI victim impact panel concept in the nation.

In addition, Heverly has received numerous local, state and national awards for her grass-roots activism, including the Clark County Humanitarian Award, the Stop DUI Caring Enough to Make a Difference Award, the United States Congressional Recognition Award for Meritorious Service Award and the Clark County School District Office of Substance Abuse Education and Prevention Award.

Heverly also was honored by President George W. Bush, U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornberg and the U.S. Department of Justice in a Rose Garden Ceremony for her outstanding contributions regarding victim’s rights and DUI legislation. She was selected by the President’s Cabinet from among 200 individuals from around the nation to receive this award which is the most prestigious in the victim rights arena.

Heverly said the funds donated by Findlay Automotive Group will be used for an assortment of DUI-related community awareness programs including victim impact panels, community awareness events and numerous 15-minute programs presented with local Law Enforcement agencies.

“This donation came at the perfect time because our cupboard was empty,” Heverly said. “It was an incredible blessing. I couldn’t believe it was happening, and we’re very thankful.”

Stop DUI also is planning to utilize a portion of the funds to sponsor and/or assist the Nevada Highway Patrol with additional field sobriety testing training classes.

“In addition, Stop DUI will provide innocent DUI victims advocacy services at no cost and assist as much as possible with their immediate financial expenses,” Heverly said.

More information about Stop DUI Nevada can be found at